Issues / Priorities

Smart City Investments
As a technology entrepreneur Andrew will work to bring Kissimmee into the 21st century with improvements that will save the city money, create middle class jobs, and improve people’s lives. He’ll bring common sense solutions like Smart Metering, affordable high speed internet, renewable energy, and expanded wi-fi.

Middle Class Jobs
Andrew will use his experience as an entrepreneur to grow jobs and opportunity in Kissimmee. He believes we need jobs at every level, and will work with local employers, business leaders, and community leaders to bring those needed jobs here at home.

Affordable Housing
Kissimmee is a diverse city with unique needs. Andrew will hold Tallahassee and Washington accountable to bring needed resources to our area to like affordable housing, to ensure everyone has a place to live.

Contact Andrew Jeng

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 420336, Kissimmee, FL 34742
Tel: (407) 751-0775, E-mail:

Paid for and approved by Andrew Jeng, non-partisan candidate for Kissimmee City Commission, Seat 2