Issues / Priorities

Public Safety Florida Government has an obligation to ensure its residents are safe, live without fear, and have uniform access to public safety services. Andrew Jeng, who is a former police lieutenant and currently an international police liaison, routinely works with law enforcement and is the only candidate with a comprehensive plan to keep our communities safe. Andrew’s plan for public safety outlines that we must:

  • Work with the public and private sectors to proactively address mental health
  • Create a Citizens’ Police Review Board to give city and county residents a voice concerning Police Department and Sheriff office’s Internal Affairs investigations and in reviewing procedures and regulations pertaining to the use of force and police conduct toward citizens
  • Engage with county, state and federal partners to tackle school safety
  • Invest in Florida
  • Educate and empower  youth

Better Roadways and Transportation As a technology entrepreneur, Andrew will work to bring Florida into the 21st century with transportation improvements that will increase mobility for seniors, veterans and students while reducing gridlock on the roadways. He’ll bring common sense solutions like smart metering, smart cameras, and expanded wi-fi. Better Paying Jobs Andrew will use his experience as an international business leader to increase job opportunities in Florida. He believes we need jobs at every level, and will work with international investors, local employers, business leaders, and community leaders to bring those needed jobs here at home. Environmental Conservation Andrew will work with the Osceola Soil & Water Conservation District and other state, federal and local entities as well as businesses and organizations to tap into renewable energy, increase awareness of  natural resources and ensure those resources are protected and can be enjoyed by all residents. Sustainable Housing Florida is a diverse state with unique needs. Andrew will hold Tallahassee and Washington accountable to bring needed resources to our area to like sustainable housing, to ensure everyone has a place to live. Better Quality of Life for Seniors Andrew has been working with Meals on Wheels for the last 15 years to assist seniors in need. As State Representative, he will fight to improve quality of life for seniors, giving them the freedom to live with dignity, and enjoy the places and people they love.

Contact Andrew Jeng

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 420336, Kissimmee, FL 34742

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